Pure Cabretta Leather Golf Glove | #KCG_001


The ultimate luxury golf glove is designed with ultra-durable 100% Premium Cabretta Leather material, made using highly skilled craftspeople from all over the world. This unique and advanced construction method is known as dual lane finger stitching. Dual ring finger holes are used to increase flex and reduce stress for a better grip. These finger holes help maximize comfort and durability so you can play your best golf game without taking on unnecessary wear and tear. Multi-layered palm pad reduces pressure points in order to provide added protection at each touch-point.

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You’ll get a high quality, premium quality product that delivers maximum performance while remaining lightweight! The result is an exceptional golfer-grade golf gloves experience. We hope our customers love it! If you don’t, we want to know.

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High-quality materials and expertise are key characteristics of this new line of products. The company has been making improvements to every aspect of its manufacturing process to ensure each golf glove they produce works to its fullest advantage.


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